Miss B. Kaur: Goodluck!!

My boyfriend and I were in love for 3 and half years and we lived together almost 2 and half year. He used to care me more than his own life. He used to love me and take care of me like a baby. Then suddenly he started to act wired since last September and broke up with me in November saying he has a new girl friend. But again he started to come back to me since December 2008. But finally on 24th December 2008 I figured out he was sleeping with that girl and me at the same time. That girl is known as a very bad girl and my boy friend knows that but still he is with her. That’s little unusual for him. It almost feels like someone did something to him. Then I saw Anil s advert on internet and I called him. First he asked me for my boyfriend photograph then he advised me some remedies and with in 4 week my boyfriend come back to me and first time he said sorry to me. I am very happy now. I want to say thanks to Anil, good luck. — Miss B.Kaur, London UK

Frank: Bedankt!

Hoi Anil, graag wil ik je via deze weg bedanken voor de steun en de voorspellingen die je voor mij gedaan hebt. Vele zijn al uitgekomen en ik hoop dat we het samen bij het rechte eind hebben wat de rest betreft en dat ik binnenkort dolgelukkig mag worden met mijn grote liefde. Nogmaals bedankt en tot gauw… Frank